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    Logistics and supply chain

    For enterprises to provide transportation, warehousing, packaging, distribution, and processing a full range of supply chain outsourcing solutions to help enterprises of all types in the supply chain to reduce supply chain costs, improve supply chain efficiencies

    Supply Chain Finance

    Application of advanced financial supply chain concept, by virtue of its funding and operational capacity, the use of financial principles and financial instruments, innovative design and development of advanced financial supply chain tools

    E-commerce supply chain

    By building a strong information collection, collation, analysis and decision-making platform, third-party neutrality insist, for the majority of small and medium enterprises to  an information flow, capital flow, logistics, business flow as the core processes to ensure professional,


    A customer is a manufacturer of communications equipment, with hundreds of supplier system, panels and accessories suppliers throughout China, complete labeling, scanning, ......

    About Us

    Beijing-Shenzhen Qianhai Business Services Ltd. is located Aiguo Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen Hui names 3046 14-storey building, the registered capital of 100 million yuan ......

    Fisherman's Wharf

    Fisherman's Wharf is organized by the jingtong led by volunteers from around the world initiated the establishment of community-based financial research and M & A organization. In the gathering of financial integration

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